3 Best Time of Year to Go Visit Bali for Your Next Travel

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What would be best time of year to visit Bali? Being such a popular tourist destination with what seems to be endless offering for many things from cultural experience to sports and cuisine. Sometimes, it is hard to decide the best time to visit Bali that it seems inviting the entire year. Depending on your personal preference for activities and tolerant to crowd, there will be certain best time a year to visit Bali. Check out the following recommendation.

The Best Time to Visit Bali Based on the Festivals

If you like to experience the arrays of festivals held in this island, March will be your best time. Seeing that this month is the prime month for festivals in Bali. So even though you will be required to stay home during Nyepi, there will be the intertwined festivals of Nyepi and Melasti happening in this month.

Beaches of Bali. Source: planetware.com

It is worth it to join the crowd on the streets, and see the festivals up close. I promise.

In January, you can watch Pager Wesi festival which is more about the commemoration of world creation. On June, you don’t want to miss Kite Fair and Bali’s Art Festival. Meanwhile, Negara Bull Races happen in July and August will be featuring National Independence Day Parades.

Based on these festivals alone, you already have several different times to consider.

If you want a more elaborated vacation with more to experience, enjoy, and watch, you need to plan your trip based on the weather as well.

The Best Time a Year to Visit Bali Based on the Weather

  1. During Dry Season

Dry season is from May to October while wet season is from November to April. All year round, Bali always offers humid and hotness to you. However, coastal areas often offer cooler breeze in the evening during the dry season. It makes dry season is the best time if you want to visit. Of course, accommodations and tickets are mostly expensive and hard to get.

  1. April, May, June, September, and October

These times are exactly at the early and end of the high season. It is still dry with a little less humid most of the days, and prices are lower. The best thing on these times will be less crowded restaurants, attractions, and beaches. You can enjoy everything but in calmer and more affordable rates.

Bali is crowded most of the times for so many factors. However, visiting during the dry season is the best time to visit Bali according to the weather. Meanwhile, being there before and after high season during the dry climate is more preferable and should be your best time a year to visit Bali. Plan it wisely!