5 Health Anxiety Physical Symptoms You Didn’t Know Before

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People tend to think that like any mental problems’ symptoms health anxiety will be shown only through mental actions. Although the conditions start inside the brain, it gives certain simulations to the nervous system that controls the automatic functions. As the result, the patients’ body show some indications of the anxiety illness.

5 Health Anxiety Physical Symptoms You Didn’t Know Before

Chest Pain And Heart Palpitation

The first symptom of health anxiety is often mistaken as light heart attack. When somebody is extremely panic or suffers from great anxiety, heart will beat faster. The purpose of this pumping is preparing the patients’ body for a fight. The side effect from heart palpitation is the hyperventilation. To compensate this condition, the patients will breathe in too much air. This causes the pain in chest area.

Limb And Muscle Pain

When the patients get anxious, the muscle will get affected as well.

Understanding Health Anxiety Disorder

The more stress the patients get, the tensed the muscles will be. In addition, the state of feeling anxious often make the patients perform poor actions while sitting or walking, adding more damage to the muscle. Moreover, lack of hydration and nutrition is going to affect the patients’ limb.


This is probably the easiest sign shown at anxiety patients’ case. Even though they only perform their own daily routine without any extra hours, they will get tired faster than before. Similar condition that might occur is using too many energy. Doing something and complaining at the same time will require more energy. For those who are trying to hide their sadness, the fatigue will get worse in no time.


The heart works extra hard by force as a respond to the panic state and the increasing adrenaline hormone.. As the result, the blood pressure raises drastically. The effect of this condition to the patients is light head feeling and dizziness. In some cases, the patients could even losing their consciousness.

Stomach Problems

Another possible scenario during anxiety attack is the urgency to use restroom or getting butterfly feeling. This is basically what people describe when the blood is directed away from the area where they are not needed. As for the urgency to use restroom, it is the effort to lose some weight by emptying the stomach.

The level of anxiety occurred on each patient is different. Therefore, they might have two or four symptoms on their bodies. Some other physical conditions that are not mentioned above might also occur. Even so, the samples provided are the most common ones. Bring the patients to psychiatric to get the proper help.