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This Horizon Travel Review is for one of largest travel agencies based in the Philippine. The agency provides tour and cruise packages to famous Asian destinations, namely China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. It also provides car rental and travel insurance services.

Horizon Travel’s Background

horizon travel reviews
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After being established on March 15, 1977, Horizon Travel has grown its wing and become a reliable agency specializing in Asian tours and cruises. The services are offered at competitive prices.

The base of the company is located in the heart of Manila, making it easy to reach for the customers. The company currently employs 48 professional individuals and a team of senior officers being responsible to monitor the trip and make sure the products meet customers’ expectations and needs.

The Pros of Having a Vacation with Horizon Travel

You can find various testimonials about the travel agent on its Facebook page. The strength of the company that must be highlighted is the quality of the tour leaders.

The staff are friendly and can be reached anytime. Satisfied customers stated that the tour escorts and guides were kind, thoughtful and caring. The coach drivers are experienced. Moreover, the choices of itinerary were also magnificent.

In addition, the facilities that it offers are also excellent. The company provided travelers with comfortable tour coaches and clean and cozy hotels which are near to the city’s amenities.

The quality of the food provided for breakfast, lunch and dinner are good and tasty. The cruise’s services are well-organized and superb.

Most customers gladly recommend the travel agency to their friends and family members. They are also willing to use the service again. They also said that the services offered are worth every penny spent for the company has been able to provide them with hassle-free trips.

The Cons of Having a Vacation with Horizon Travel

There are some negative reviews that travelers should know. The customer service is quite questionable. A customer sent an application for an Australian Visa and received no result for about a month. Furthermore, when the company was contacted regarding the matter, the customer service agent could not give a concrete answer. Thus, you might want to reconsider if you plan to use its visa section service.


Horizon Travel is a reliable company which is ready to give only the best services for its customers during the trips. Its backbone is the friendly and caring guides who are able to make sure their customers have a blast. They will give you unforgettable experiences. You might want to take care of the visa matter by yourself. Yet, the rest of the services are top-notch