How You Can Benefit from Guided Meditation for Anxiety and Clinical Depression

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Why guided meditation for anxiety disorder? For one, patients with anxiety disorders are having higher stress and worry level, it means that they cannot think properly because everything is clouded with negativity. Especially when the patients feeling depressed more than three days, the clouds have been so thick and make them feel numb to any social interaction. In this case, the fastest way to get out is by doing meditation.

Guided Meditation for Anxiety and Clinical Depression Helps Activating Neurotransmitter

Do you wonder how the medication helps anxiety problems? Its function is raising the level of serotonin and norepinephrine. Both are the most important parts of neurotransmitter in the brain that could control depression and anxiety.

guided meditation for anxiety
guided meditation for anxiety disorder

However, taking medication will create new problem: dependency.

Instead of a pill, what about meditation? It could raise the serotonin and norepinephrine level to combat the depression. In addition, raising the neurotransmitter level normally is equal to build a strong fortress to kick out future invaders. In the other words, there will be no dependency case.

Deactivating Anxiety Spot In The Brain

Believe it or not, human has natural alarm since the prehistoric era. It warns the person of danger. This survival sensory is located in the center of the brain, called amygdala. For normal people, it only goes active when the person stands danger, for example; being chased by wild dogs. In anxiety case, amygdala releases a lot of hormones even to the slightest fear.

One way to help the patients is by shrinking the amygdala size. The smaller it gets, the less response it gives to the fear stimulants. Some professional studies find that meditating for eight weeks will help to downsize it. The result could be seen after X-Ray process. Now, meditation is claimed to be able to help bipolar disorder as well.

Reversing The Negative Thought

There are roughly 50.000 thought that human make within a day. Out of the whole number, anxiety disorder patients make approximately one third negative words. The effect is not good for the cells and for the patients’ attitude.

By doing meditation, the patients will try to focus on the present time instead of the past of future. After that, they will learn to watch the negative thought as the water in the river instead of a dishes they must eat.

Believe it or not, meditation helps someone to feel relaxed. Though guided, meditation for anxiety disorders takes time to clear up their mind and concentrate to their own breath. After repeated practice, the patients would be able to control their own anxiety.