Wondering Where is Cambodia Supposed to be in Your Travelling Map? Check Out These Hot Cambodia Beaches!

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Where is Cambodia? I know people start to visit Asian countries today, experiencing great culture, beautiful natural landscapes, and get a great party as well. Cambodia makes one of the most visited countries today and you may still wonder where is Cambodia exactly. If you want to travel, you better know everything first and then see these Cambodia beaches below as your possible destinations.

Where is Cambodia?

Cambodia is one of the Southeastern countries in Asia, and it is located exactly at the southern part of Indochina Peninsula.

where is cambodiaThis country borders Vietnam in the East, Gulf of Thailand in the Southwest, Thailand to the Northwest, and Laos at the Northeast. As you can imagine, due to its location and position in the map, it offers breathtaking unexplored nature, amazing beaches, and a long history to learn.

This is a small country but its history speaks louder. It was once where one of Asia’s oldest civilizations started a long time ago. The country inherits Angkor which remains a massive tourist attraction to today.

Many parts of the country isn’t touristed yet, leaving you with virgin and natural delights. There are sleepy towns and old colonial architecture here and there while the most beautiful landscapes await you.

Being a tropical country, Cambodia has more than enough beaches to enjoy and experience as well.

Cambodia Beaches You Shouldn’t Miss

Being less popular than the beaches of neighboring country Thailand, Cambodia manages to have hidden gems that will make you feel far away from anywhere.

  1. Serendipity Beach in Sihanoukville

This beach is often the destinations of tourists and backpackers. It is dotted with BBQ shacks, beach bars, and restaurants. Late night beach party is like a local culture while you still can enjoy the beauty of the beach and ocean at the same time. It’s not the right place for those who avoid crowd.

  1. Long Set Beach in Koh Rong

This is a paradise for shell collecting, crabbing, and sun bathing. Meanwhile the underwater life offers the most beautiful marine life to see, inviting you to dive and snorkel. If you hang out until nightfall, you will see the moon light unveil the bio luminescent plankton at the surface of the water.

  1. Main Beach in Koh Tonsay in Rabbit Island

The island isn’t far from the mainland, yet when you step your fee on the sandy beach, you wil feel like you are far away from anywhere. The beach is lined with palm groves and you will see many thatched huts offering delicious seafood and local beers. You will be greeted by a carb family, or maybe cows and chicken from the nearby villages.

Now you know where is Cambodia and how is the country a little. If you want to know more, it is only fair if you visit the country and enjoy those virgin Cambodia beaches. Book your trip now.